Hair am Shion

紫苑 -Shion- 

Teen,Young adult,Adult

2015/08/23 Remake

To remake my work will not prohibit.
No remake. No retexture. No resize. No convert. And no upload!!

web拍手 by FC2

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  1. 返信
    1. >Карина Рунда

      You're welcome!!
      Thank you for comment.(´∀`)ノシ

    2. This hair!! And the sim@.@ Is he up for download too??!

    3. >Abby Wills

      I'm sorry.
      There is not the plan to distribute this sim to.

      Thank you for comment!(´∀`)

  2. このコメントは投稿者によって削除されました。

    1. >Re Maron

      I thank for early correspondence.

      But you processed KEWAI hair.
      She prohibits processing.
      You should delete it immediately.

      Why don't you make a new work with oneself?

  3. I don't know how to do it... I just fixed the sizes or if it's floating.
    I didn't know about the prohibition, because a lot of people do hair retexture, like this one > http://hellohow-low.tumblr.com/post/112518909626/rg-veda, and you didn't forbid.

  4. Other thing... I gave you credit, I didn't use like mine. I leave the link for people see the original.

    1. >Re Maron

      I had written a prohibition on the top page.
      However, many people do not see it.
      Because, unfortunately people do not think it important.
      And do not follow the rules, even a lot of people aware of it.
      I'm so sad ...
      I decided to write the prohibitions to the download page.

      Unfortunately, I English is not very good.
      So it is not possible to teach how to make to you.
      I'm sorry.
      But, I until two years ago I did not know how to make it!
      You also will be able to create it easily if study.
      Because you can be already resize it.
      You deserve to challenge.
      And it is very fun to make.(´∀`)

    2. I would love to learn, I know a little things about 3d software, but make hair is difficult... I've tried but I didn't give up yet. I'm really sorry about that. Maybe is better if you put the prohibition in the download page, because sometimes we enter directly at the page and didn't see it. I hope we can be friends.

    3. >Re Maron

      Please look at my making page.
      And from the first time is very terrible!
      I want to study more, in order to make a lot of nice work.
      So try to challenge not give up you too!

      Thank you for your comment.
      It was very happy.
      I hope we can be friends too.(´∀`)ノシ

    4. I'll see... Thanks... Hope I can do it too. Do you have a facebook or something? I have a personal and one for Sims.

    5. >Re Maron

      I do not have them.
      But, update of this site are frequently.
      So glad if you give me a comment.

      From it,
      Had better remove the KEWAI Hair.
      Japanese is tough to very rules.
      And I also was one of them.

    6. I'm sorry for the delay, I was travelling.

    7. >Re Maron

      I checked your site.
      Thank you to remove it.